Identification of signaling components in N-mediated TMV resistance

(Miki Yamamoto, UC Berkeley)
The aim is to identify candidate resistance signaling genes, identify TMV defense signaling pathways in Solanaceae, and elucidate the role of son1 in R-gene mediated resistance and basal defense. Microarray analyses of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)-challenged tomato were initiated to compare global gene expression patterns of wild-type (N) TMV-resistant, wild-type (n) TMV-susceptible, and enhanced susceptibility mutant, son1. Availability of enhanced susceptibility mutant, son1, wild-type resistant (N) and wild-type susceptible (n) tomato, offers a unique opportunity to establish TMV-induced gene expression profiles of resistant and susceptible genotypes differing by a single gene. Gene expression profiles of wild-type TMV-resistant tomato (N), wild-type TMV-susceptible tomato (n), and enhanced susceptibility mutant son1 challenged with TMV and compared to mock treatment were assessed after one hour post-inoculation. Microarray studies underway include comparing gene expression profiles of wild-type resistant, wild-type susceptible and son1 mutant at 3, 9, 27 hours after TMV-challenge and mock treatment.