Barbara Baker
Adjunct Professor
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Ph.D.  Microbiology and Immunology    UCSF, 1981
B.S.   Biology    UCSD, 1974


The Baker Lab seeks understanding of the molecular, genetic and biochemical bases of host-microbe interactions, and investigates mechanisms of pathogen-induced host disease and disease resistance.

Our goal is to understand the biochemical and molecular bases of plant resistance to pathogen diseases. We especially are interested in understanding the mechanism of plant-pathogen recognition and signal transduction leading to the induction of disease resistance responses. Our experimental system consists of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) resistance gene, N, encoding a putative cytoplasmic receptor, disease-resistant plant hosts harboring N, and the classical plant pathogen, TMV.

Plant disease caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi are controlled naturally by plant host resistance (R) genes and avirulence (avr) genes of the pathogen. This has been termed gene-for-gene resistance. A simple model explains these gene-for-gene interactions: Avirulence gene products generate signals (ligands) and resistance genes encode cognate receptors.

We cloned the TMV resistance gene N of tobacco, the first virus resistance gene isolated. Several other R genes encoding resistance to diverse pathogens also were isolated recently from evolutionarily dissimilar plants. Interestingly, the predicted protein products of many of these R genes are similar. They contain domains that explain their possible role in specific pathogen recognition, as well as their role in signal transduction leading to induction of the resistance responses. N and other closely related R genes encode large, putative cytoplasmic proteins that contain a highly conserved nucleotide binding site (NBS) domain and a large leucine rich repeat (LRR) region. The amino-terminal domain of the predicted N product resembles the cytoplasmic domain of the Drosophila Toll protein and the Interleukin-1 receptor (IL-1R) suggesting that N mediates rapid gene induction and TMV resistance through a Toll-IL-1R-like pathway.

We use molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches to elucidate the mechanism of N gene-mediated resistance. Our foci are to discern the role of the putative functional protein domains in pathogen recognition and signal transduction, and to dissect genetically the N-mediated signal transduction pathway. Recently we demonstrated that the N gene of tobacco confers resistance to TMV in transgenic tomato. This is significant for two reasons: first, the transfer of a resistance gene to another species demonstrates the utility of these genes in engineering crop resistance. Second, TMV and other related tobamoviruses can be devastating pathogens of Solanaceous crops, including tomato and pepper. N provides an additional, effective means to combat this disease genetically. Eventually the results of our basic research on R gene function will facilitate development and application of novel strategies for enhanced plant resistance to pathogens for development of disease-resistant crops.

Current projects
  • Interactions between TMV and the tobacco N gene
  • The MAPK Pathway in Tobacco Defense Signaling
  • Study of the Enhanced Disease Susceptibility Gene in Tomato
  • Structural Analysis of Resistance Gene Clusters in Potato
  • Gene Expression Profiling of Tomato Responses to TMV Infection
  • Gene Expression Profiling of Sgt1-silenced N-transgenic Nicotiana Benthamiana
  • Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Solanum Species

Recent Publications

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39C - Freshman/Sophomore Seminar
84 - Sophomore Seminar
170 - Modern Applications of Plant Biotechnology
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